🚲My Cycling Experience🚲

Today in Room 6 we had Bigfoot Adventure Cycling come to help us learn to cycle safely. The instructors were Kate and Kyla. Then we went outside and they told us the letters a, b, c, d, and q to check if our bikes were safe to ride. I was not confident so I went with Kate under the canopy. At first we had to sit on the seat, hold the handle bars and push your feet on the ground. I was a bit slow at first because I didn’t want to fall off.

Later I felt confident enough to go up and down the ramp. I was a little bit scared but I forced myself to be brave. After morning tea Kate took us to the canopy to practice our riding skills again and to check our bikes before riding.

When we were done fixing our bikes we went down to the bottom court to ride our bikes again. When we got there it started to rain so we went back to the canopy and played a game called: Buddy Up. It was fun. This was one of my favorite days ever at school.

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