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Characterisation of Hideaway Tom


Hi my name is Hideaway Tom and I live in the Coorong, which is a 90 mile beach between the sea and the estuary. I am never lonely even though everyone calls me a hermit. Storm Boy and I moved to the Coorong because we wanted to live a quiet life in nature. We have to find food every day from the sea and from the land but we are happy.

I am……………………………………….. Hideaway Tom.

What does your digital footprint say about you?

Today in Room 6 we did a Smart Footprint with Miss Grant and it was about commenting on someone’s blog. We made an informed guess about what they like and about them. I am so excited and can’t wait until next time when I can make a positive comment on someone else’s blog.

ANZAC Biscuits


Last Thursday at St Patrick’s School, we were having ANZAC cookies. Mrs. Agnew brought the biscuits for us in Room 6. They tasted yummy and  delicious. When I ate one, I could taste coconut and sugar but the biscuit was as hard as a rock. During the World War, women were baking ANZAC cookies for their husbands who were fighting in the war.