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Kamusta! My name is Roland and this is me

<Roland Bacia>

And I am a Year 6 and my age is 11 and I’m in Room 7.

It was gonna be 2024 I was kinda scared to go to Room 7 and the Teacher’s name is Mr. Bell when we have to say good bye to Mrs. Agnew I felt sad that I will miss my old class Room and now going to my new Room when we went inside I remember when we did our Summer Learning Journey when we were gonna compete in the SLJ (Summer Learning Journey) and I wasn’t in the Leaderboard and that was okay.

But anyways when we got there I was surprised that it was fun here. There is even a big green table which where Me, Graziel and Patrick are sitting.

We got to sit at the green table Graziel was anxious because Patrick was here and I felt happy at this green table.

When the bell rang I was now anxious because of the bell and I had almost finished my work but then Mr. Bell said we got to go in for morning tea. when I got outside and got my morning tea I went to Graziel and said can we play cheese touch and yes so at least that I’m happy now. when we play cheese touch we have to choose who to pick to get the cheese touch so we did Inky Pinky so that we could play. When all my classmates got chosen to get out so that they don’t get the cheese touch.

When they got out it was only me and Pyro and when one of us got out I got out and that was so so close.

When Pyro got the cheese touch we got to run away from Pyro that has a cheese touch we need to run from him so we went to hide. When he was done counting to 30 we saw him and so we tried to run faster then him but he cheese touched one of us and it was Graziel so now we have to get away from her now.

When Graziel keeps on getting us then the bell rang so I said last one there is a rotten egg so all of us went in there and I thought I was the rotten egg but I came in 1st place and all of them just keep on walking like they were tired. When Mr. Bell (our teacher) was unlocking the door that we were supposed to be going in so that we could finish our work for Spelling, Reading and Writing.

When we went in I went to wash my hands when suddenly everyone instead they just went to there table accept Graziel and Pyro because when I saw all of my classmates faces just got anxious.

When we finished our stuff for our blog we told Mr. Bell to play silent ball the bell just rang and I was anxious and we had to go home. When we went to line up I forgot that I have to go to the office to sit down so I said good bye to my best friends and my classmates and go sit down.

When I sat down I felt that I needed to go to the toilet so I went to  Mrs. Thompson to go to the toilet and she said and I said thank you to Mrs. Thompson and went to the toilet. When I flush the toilet I wash my hands and dry them with a paper towel and go back to sit down and then I see my standing there waiting for me. I said hi to my Mom. I said good bye to Mrs. Thompson and my Mom and I walked all the way home.


                                         <The End>




Real or Photoshop?

Today in Room 6 we were learning how to observe when looking at Real or Photoshop posts with Mrs. Grant. This photo is tricky because at first glance it looks real so I picked Real but it’s actually Photoshop. I just figured that I didn’t even know that the swing was upside down  and the ground is on the top and the sky is at the bottom.

🪨Our visit to stone cottage🪨


Yesterday my whole class walked across the road to visit the very old stone cottage. When we got there we saw Terry and Patrick, who share their time by showing people around the cottage, without getting paid. At first we walked around the cottage because Room 2 was still inside.


I found it interesting when Terry told us that the cottage was moved all the way from Mt Wellington, near McDonald to where it is now. Terry said there is a stream that flows under the shops but we mustn’t drink from it now because it is dirty.


Then we went inside the cottage. The first room we entered was the living room and saw Josephine sitting on the swinging chair very quietly. There were many photos and old things like a framed embroidery work made by a 13 year old girl, a portrait of Phoebe Dunn and a basket full of colorful yarn for knitting. 


Next was the kitchen. Terry showed us the washboard made out of wood. They did not have a washing machine in those days. There was a special cup for men to use so their mustache wouldn’t get wet when they drank tea. She also showed us the bellow which was used to keep the fire burning when they cook food. 


Then it was time to go up stairs. I discovered that there were two rooms on each side and we went to the first room filled with ancient things in them. I thought our trip was very interesting.




🚲My Cycling Experience🚲

Today in Room 6 we had Bigfoot Adventure Cycling come to help us learn to cycle safely. The instructors were Kate and Kyla. Then we went outside and they told us the letters a, b, c, d, and q to check if our bikes were safe to ride. I was not confident so I went with Kate under the canopy. At first we had to sit on the seat, hold the handle bars and push your feet on the ground. I was a bit slow at first because I didn’t want to fall off.

Later I felt confident enough to go up and down the ramp. I was a little bit scared but I forced myself to be brave. After morning tea Kate took us to the canopy to practice our riding skills again and to check our bikes before riding.

When we were done fixing our bikes we went down to the bottom court to ride our bikes again. When we got there it started to rain so we went back to the canopy and played a game called: Buddy Up. It was fun. This was one of my favorite days ever at school.

My Matariki star

Last week we created a Matariki star and it was quite hard because many people were away. We used wool which we wove around a round piece of cardboard making the pointy bits of the stars. We also made a comic strip about the Legend of Tawhirimatea. Some people wanted to create more stars using even more wool added to their star. I cannot wait till next year when we may create another Matariki star.