Year: 2022

Preparing for Athletics Day

After morning tea my classmates and I had a session with Coach Bart on the field. He was here to help us with our athletics skills to prepare us for the Athletics Day on 18 November.

First he explained to us how to run properly.  When we are running we have to look in front of us and not look back. And the next one is we have to run on our toes, heels, high, and low around the grass. It was so much fun!

Then we played a game called Sheepdog. There were two dogs with monkey noodles and the rest were sheep. The two dogs had to round us up then tag us. We ran around inside the cones and when we got tagged, we went outside the cones.  I got tagged right away.

Later we practiced the running race.  In my team were Annamaria, Zenalia, Kamela and me. I was the second person to run the race. I ran as fast as I could to reach the canopy wall then I rejoined my team by the hedge. I waited for the rest of my team to do their race.

For the last activity, we had to lie on the ground and put a foam pig above our heads. Then we had  jump over it. Coach Bart showed us how to jump high and far. I couldn’t seem to do it. I only managed to jump close to where the foam pig originally was.

Finally, it was time to go back to class. I took my jumper off because I felt so hot, thirsty and exhausted. But I’m thankful that I got to learn some skills to prepare myself for the Athletics Day. I can’t wait!

Making our Class movie

At the beginning of the term, I got a potato from Mrs Agnew’s cupboard to make into a potato person.

I used black strings for the hair, cotton wool for the outfit, marshmallows for the arms, googly eyes,  toothpicks, and I had so much fun making my potato man.

We started to think about the story for our class movie and we came up with ‘The Stolen Princess.” Then we made backgrounds and I was in the group that made the rocket ship. After that we took lots of photos and  recorded our voices so the potatoes look like they are talking. I can’t wait to see our movie next term.



Playing basketball

On Monday me and my classmates are learning basketball skills. It was my first day back at school and I was excited to hear we were doing basketball. After morning tea we went down to the bottom court and I met coach Tray. We did lots of dribbling with the ball and different passes. I liked it when we had to try and get the ball into the hoop. I am looking forward to learning more next week.

Swimming Lessons

Last term me and my classmates went for swimming lessons. The boys had to go swimming first, and the girls went last. Each day we went to the bus outside and the driver drove us to the pools. Sometimes it was cold when we went but I had my warm swimming robe.

At the pools we had to get into groups. I had Sione, Patrick, Cosma and Ion in my group. On the first day I was very scared and I didn’t want to get into the pool. The teacher was kind to me and then on the third day I went in and enjoyed it. Mrs Yumul told Mrs Agnew how I was brave and I got 5 tallies.

I learned to float on my back with the board and the instructor helped me. I loved learning to swim and I hope I can have some more lessons soon.


Ki o rahi

Last Thursday coach Chelsea came to Room 6 to tell us about a Maori game called Ki o rahi. We are going to learn how to play it this term. We watched a movie about how Rahi saved Tiara from Patupaiarehe. 

After that we went out under the canopy for a game. It was raining so we had to play there. We got into two teams and one was Taniwha and the other one was Kioma. It was fun. I am looking forward to learning how to play Ki o rahi this week. There are two teams and seven people in each team. We play with a small ball called a ki.