🪨Our visit to stone cottage🪨


Yesterday my whole class walked across the road to visit the very old stone cottage. When we got there we saw Terry and Patrick, who share their time by showing people around the cottage, without getting paid. At first we walked around the cottage because Room 2 was still inside.


I found it interesting when Terry told us that the cottage was moved all the way from Mt Wellington, near McDonald to where it is now. Terry said there is a stream that flows under the shops but we mustn’t drink from it now because it is dirty.


Then we went inside the cottage. The first room we entered was the living room and saw Josephine sitting on the swinging chair very quietly. There were many photos and old things like a framed embroidery work made by a 13 year old girl, a portrait of Phoebe Dunn and a basket full of colorful yarn for knitting. 


Next was the kitchen. Terry showed us the washboard made out of wood. They did not have a washing machine in those days. There was a special cup for men to use so their mustache wouldn’t get wet when they drank tea. She also showed us the bellow which was used to keep the fire burning when they cook food. 


Then it was time to go up stairs. I discovered that there were two rooms on each side and we went to the first room filled with ancient things in them. I thought our trip was very interesting.




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